The Greatest and Grandest Illusion (Part 2)—The Physical Structure of Electromagnetic Energy

As I stated in my previous post (Part I), physicists feel that they do not require any additional “explanation” for the observed velocities of secondary relativistic particles, and secondary electromagnetic energy, beyond the Relativistic Addition of Velocities and/or the Second Postulate of Special Relativity (the invariance of light speed).  If these physicists are fine with the existing mathematical model of what is being observed, then why am I even questioning that interpretation?  Why am I offering a “solution” for a problem that doesn’t even seem to exist?

I am so very glad you asked…

What I have discovered is that the reliance on the Lorentz/ Einstein interpretation of the physical meaning of Lorentz’ velocity transformation equations, along with a blind acceptance of the RAV and an incomplete understanding of the Second Postulate, has resulted in a stunted and flawed understanding of the cosmos.  Although it may seem like we understand just about everything there is to know in the universe, please allow me to list just a few of the things we still do not understand.

Wave-particle duality has been a mystery for over 200 years (although I provide a brief synopsis of the true explanation in my “Space-time” post from 3/17/18).  Dark matter and dark energy are still very enigmatic.  Quantum entanglement is baffling.  The acquisition of mass by fundamental particles is still open to question.  The apparent preponderance of matter over anti-matter in the universe is unsettlingly strange.  The very nature of the physical evolution of the universe is still largely up for grabs.  The physical mechanism of a photon, as it relates to the Second Postulate, has never been detailed.

So what advantage is there in stepping back from the existing dogma, and reconsidering what we think we know about space/time?  By doing so, one can understand exactly what is happening in every “mystery” I listed in the paragraph above.  That is why I say that the existing dogma has stunted our understanding of the universe—very significantly, in fact.

In fact, after working on this for many years, I have come to doubt that physics academia would have ever come up with these answers.  I have a science degree myself, so I do have some first-hand knowledge that modern-day physicists are literally unable to step way, way back in their knowledge, and discard certain things they have long “known” to be true, to leap much farther ahead in their knowledge.  Academia makes that sort of thing extremely difficult—career suicide would be the feared result.

I never had anybody looking over my shoulder and telling me that I was wasting my time and that I was wrong, wrong, wrong.  That is a great freedom to have, and that’s why I’ve been able to view the universe with a new lens.

As far as The Enlightening book goes, I did want to have a little fun with that, so it is also meant to be thought-provoking in other ways, as well, beyond physics and science.  I also had to keep things a bit simplistic in the book, which is written with the non-scientist in mind, as well as the scientist.  I wanted to do it my way, first, which is why I wrote The Enlightening.

Okay, enough setting of the scene.

An engineer or a physicist is probably aware of an interesting aspect of a rolling wheel.  The top of a rolling wheel moves at a forward linear velocity which is twice that of the velocity of the wheel as a whole, whereas the bottom of the wheel moves with a forward linear velocity of zero.  This simple little fact of science is key to understanding how electromagnetic energy operates within the constraints of the second postulate, and is also key to understanding how a secondary relativistic particle, which might be assumed to travel at velocities approaching 2c, is observed at velocities which are still below c.

We know that photons propagate with both electric and magnetic components.  The dogma is that a photon exists as both a particle and a wave, which I have learned is not true.  As I point out in my “space-/time” post, the space/time continuum itself represents the wave, while the photon represents the particle.  And what is the shape of this particle?  As you might have guessed I would say, a photon exists in the form of a loop (or perpendicular electric and magnetic loops).  In other words, by simple deductive reasoning, a photon is a wheel, albeit a wheel that is rippled by space/time into a continuum of wavelengths, to our perception, much like a rippled rubber band.

Why do I say it is by simple deductive reasoning?  Because I can easily explain the invariance of light speed, and the observed velocities of secondary relativistic particles, with this “rippled wheel” model.  With this model, there is no need to wave a magic wand and invoke the Relativistic Addition of Velocities to explain the physics of a secondary particle.  This model describes the mechanism of redshift and blueshift, in a new and eminently logical way.  This model aligns perfectly with a space-time continuum that propagates as a wave.  This model leads to an entirely new way of looking at the universe—ultimately leading to an explanation all the great mysteries I listed in the sixth paragraph of this post.  As the linchpin of the greatest and grandest illusion of the universe, this model rips open the veil, and behind the veil is our deceptively incredible hyper-dimensional universe.

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