The Greatest and Grandest Illusion (Part I)- A Relativistic Deception

In my previous post (Space-time), I described how space-time must interact with mass/energy in the form of a wave.  My brief post was meant to underscore the following:  If the original hypothesis was that space-time interacts with mass/energy in the form of a wave, one couldn’t devise a much better confirming experiment than the double-slit experiment.   The large-scale research conducted by Caltech, which I reference in that post, provides icing on the cake for the idea that space-time itself is the “wave” in wave-particle duality.

Of course, this simple explanation for wave-particle duality conflicts with the modern scientific paradigm, which is that we have no explanation for wave-particle duality.  I am offering an easy solution for a centuries-old problem, but I expect it might take many years for the physics community to even take a guarded peek at what I am suggesting.  I hope somebody takes a look while I am still around to discuss it.

As an example of a rather endemic stubbornness within academia, I recently had a one-sided “conversation” of sorts with a physicist who is associated with a U.S. particle accelerator facility.  The conversation was one-sided in that I was listening to what he had to say, while he wasn’t listening to what I had to say.

This professor was of the opinion that it was very unlikely that an “outsider” to physics academia could develop a sound theory of a revolutionary nature.  In that vein, and without paying any credence to what I said in response, he vigorously listed a series of reasons why my ideas couldn’t possibly be correct.  None of these reasons held any water as far as invalidating my theories, but he seemed to think he was telling me things that I couldn’t possibly know about, being an “outsider” to the field.

His “ultimate proof” was his observation that we are able to accelerate particles (pinions, in his example), to nearly the speed of light, and the pion, in turn, releases a pair of photons.  Although the pinion is traveling at 0.999c, and the photons themselves are traveling at c, relative to the original pinion, the velocity of the photons is still measured at by the attendant physicists.  As in all the other reasons he provided, I was very well aware of the nature of photons released by relativistic particles, and how we measure their velocities.

The irony of his “ultimate proof” is that the phenomenon he described goes to the heart of my new way of looking at the universe.  He can only wave his magic wand, as it were, and “explain” the observations of secondary relativistic particles by invoking the Relativistic Addition of Velocities, or perhaps the Second Postulate of Special Relativity (the invariance of light speed).  That is because he doesn’t understand the magnificent illusion– the greatest and grandest illusion of all—that the universe is promulgating upon him and all physicists that simply measure the secondary photon’s velocity at c.  I am 100% convinced that there is much more to be revealed, beneath the surface of this apparently simple observation.

Next:  The Greatest and Grandest Illusion (Part II), or how the universe pulls off its profound deception.

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