About those 72 “Mystery” Galaxies

I was very excited by the phenomenal results recently generated by the MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile, as reported by Science Daily:

Headline: MUSE probes uncharted depths of Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171129090243.htm
Source: Science Daily / ESO

For many years now, I have looking forward to one day seeing these very same results. In particular, the 72 new Lyman-alpha emitter galaxies discovered in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field represent important experimental confirmation of the ground-breaking cosmological model expressed in my book The Enlightening.

Led by Roland Bacon of the Centre de recherché astrophysique de Lyon, the MUSE research team made deep spectroscopic observations of a patch of the Ultra Deep Field that surpassed any previous observations. 1600 galaxies were measured, including 72 galaxies which were missed by the Hubble Telescope’s landmark imaging of the same area.

These 72 galaxies stand unique in the pantheon of discovered galaxies, as their measurable light arrives only within the single wavelength known as Lyman-alpha light. This is the wavelength required to move a hydrogen electron from its lowest energy level to its second lowest energy level. In that sense, one might consider Lyman-Alpha to be the most basic excitatory wavelength of electromagnetic energy in the universe. It is quite fitting, then, that we are only able to perceive Lyman-Alpha coming from these far-distant galaxies.

These galaxies do not fit within current models of red-shifted galaxies, or of distant galaxy formation, as understood by the MUSE team, and by all others. They do, however, fit in perfectly with the hyper-dimensional universe as described in my book The Enlightening.

The truth is, this Lyman-alpha light is not red-shifted from high-energy light sources, as current theory might rather tentatively hold. Rather, this light is actually the result of highly blue-shifted radio waves, emitted by galaxies which are approaching Earth—not departing Earth– at a velocity in the area of c. The hyper-dimensional Milky Way galaxy, as presented in The Enlightening, exists of “plates” of mass/energy, separated out in bands of separated by a velocity of 2c. Therefore, at any cosmological distance where galaxies are moving away from our viewpoint at near-c velocities, there are also galaxies which are still farther away, moving towards the Milky Way at near-c velocities.

In this section of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, the lack of intervening matter renders these highly blue-shifted radio waves visible into the ultraviolet range of Lyman-alpha. It is a beautiful confirmation of the “overlapping” galaxy effect predicted by the hyper-dimensional universe model. The fact that these radio waves from such a long distance are only able to sneak into the edge of our field of perception in the Lyman-Alpha range demonstrates, once again, that the universe so often seems to work out in the best way possible. The blue-shifted light from the “incoming” galaxies neatly overlap the limits of the red-shifted light by “outgoing” galaxies at that same basic location. The universe doesn’t want to leave out any possible information, if it doesn’t have to!

Read The Enlightening in order to understand that these 72 “mystery” galaxies are not a mystery, after all. They are simply a confirmation of a new, fuller understanding of our universe—of our hyper-dimensional universe.

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